What’s Natural?

I’ve had many customers and prospective customers ask if my products are “all natural.” My response is, “As natural as I can make them!” There is no legal definition for “natural,” even though most of us would believe that naturally occurring without human intervention would be a decent interpretation. I do prefer my ingredients to be virgin, organic, unrefined, except that there are reasons for me to use a refined and deodorized shea butter. The big reason for that is

So Ready…

I’ve got lots of products still in the curing stages and I’ve got to clear some space. Do you know what that means? I’m putting some soaps on sale (thru Oct 15), and also issuing a 20% off coupon (good thru Oct 31) for those items not on sale! So…go shopping!

Getting Re-Motivated…

If I let myself get too distracted by all that I think I need to do, I sometimes talk myself out of getting started. You know, “If I can’t get this task finished today, why even start. I’ll try again tomorrow.” I suppose the most difficult thing about being self-employed is staying motivated or disciplined about time management. I’ve just come off of a lovely weekend where I met with other soapers and bath and body product creators, and it

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