What’s Natural?

I’ve had many customers and prospective customers ask if my products are “all natural.” My response is, “As natural as I can make them!” There is no legal definition for “natural,” even though most of us would believe that naturally occurring without human intervention would be a decent interpretation. I do prefer my ingredients to be virgin, organic, unrefined, except that there are reasons for me to use a refined and deodorized shea butter. The big reason for that is

With Just the Slightest Lull…

I find myself apologizing every time I begin a new blog post –– mostly, because I just don’t post one very often. I’m sorry…again! Inside my head, I’m really not a slacker, there are just so many items on the to-do list. I know that’s not just me 🙂 I’m going to try updating at least a little each week about what’s going on. If you are not signed up for the newsletter, or in the Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/3034018693491669/), please do

Hot Summer

I really should do better at updating. Been working on Christmas product line, if you can believe it. Have a few new fragrances to share, and will probably be retiring a few, too. If you’re signed up to receive my newsletter, you’ll get the discount code when I get it published 😊      

It’s been awhile…

Haven’t posted to the blog in a while, and figured it better to update here than send out unwanted emails. I tend to use that for sales and discount codes. If you’ve heard that there is a supply chain issue, I can assure you that is correct. There are ingredients I’ve used in the past, but cannot get now, so having to reformulate some products. At least one ingredient has more than tripled in price in the past year. Citric

Spring again!

With the flowers just beginning to show off their colors, and the trees sprouting brand new leaves, I always want to spend more time outside. Here in Texas, the day can warm up pretty darn fast, so the best time to enjoy the outdoors is morning. Spring anew brings forth hope and joy. The year passes quickly (even though 2020 seemed to last forever!), but I hope you pause in the busy-ness of life and take a moment to revel

So Ready…

I’ve got lots of products still in the curing stages and I’ve got to clear some space. Do you know what that means? I’m putting some soaps on sale (thru Oct 15), and also issuing a 20% off coupon (good thru Oct 31) for those items not on sale! So…go shopping!

Getting Re-Motivated…

If I let myself get too distracted by all that I think I need to do, I sometimes talk myself out of getting started. You know, “If I can’t get this task finished today, why even start. I’ll try again tomorrow.” I suppose the most difficult thing about being self-employed is staying motivated or disciplined about time management. I’ve just come off of a lovely weekend where I met with other soapers and bath and body product creators, and it

Hangin’ in there…

Every time I looked at my website, which wasn’t very often, I was dissatisfied with the overall appearance of just about everything. I didn’t like the photos I had taken. The professionally produced photos were awesome, but I had refined so much of my product line that I had been updating with phone photos. Not all of them are bad, but nearly all of them were hastily shot, not much staging at all. And I couldn’t put my finger on

Well, this is new!

Well, life is quite exciting right now in our family! I have two daughters, both engaged and planning to be married within six months of each other! That is very exciting! While my role is mother-of-the-bride, it also has taken other forms, as well. I have been asked, and have readily accepted, the task of creating the guest favors and the wedding party gifts. This is very exciting for me, as I love a challenge and now I get to


I was speaking to The Good-Looking Guy the other day, telling him that when I was young (in my teens and early 20s), I could do a backbend; I could bend over backward and place my hands on the ground, with my feet still in place. Well, it’s been so long since I attempted anything of that sort that I would certainly injure myself if I tried that now. It seems that every day there’s a new hitch in my

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