First Coupon!

To celebrate the “grand opening” of the website, I’m putting out my first coupon code: NEWWEBSITE will get you 10% off anything available through Saturday midnight. Shop till you drop, or until your finger gets tired of clicking…  

New things…

We have some new things happening in our world: A daughter getting engaged, a son and daughter-in-law giving us another grandchild. Exciting things to come in 2019. And we’re not even half-way through 2018! While my husband continues to build his business, I am still attempting to get some traction with mine. In creating this website and product catalog, I realized that I make a LOT of different soap. Nearly THREE DOZEN different scents! And while I adore making bar

Available June 2018

There are many new things I want to try; I do have some tasks that I need to complete first. BUT…I do have some items that will be available very soon. A relaxing blend of gardenia and vanilla, Mom’s Staycation means that she can enjoy that rushed shower nearly as much as a leisurely bath. Available June 1. Nearly as soon as I posted that Cappuccino Cinnabar would be coming, I sold about half the batch. That’s really awesome! So

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