Hangin’ in there…

Slumber Party, Bohemian Tea Party, Surprise Party, Cocktail Party #1

Every time I looked at my website, which wasn’t very often, I was dissatisfied with the overall appearance of just about everything. I didn’t like the photos I had taken. The professionally produced photos were awesome, but I had refined so much of my product line that I had been updating with phone photos. Not all of them are bad, but nearly all of them were hastily shot, not much staging at all. And I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what needed changing on the site besides the pictures, I just knew that it needed a “cleaner” look. More white space.

Shower Steamers

I believe I have finally made some strides in that direction but, oh my gosh, it’s painful. There are just too many other things I’d rather do than sit in front of my computer arranging products into categories, writing product copy, and updating inventory. Boring! But I feel I must keep learning, so I don’t stagnate. Even here lately, I find myself unable to adequately express what I mean – I struggle to find the correct word – I hate that!

Bath Bombs

To get my face out of my computer screen, I’ve had to make myself produce some goodies. There are times when I’d rather not work on a particular order, but it’s so fun to make a batch of soap or bath bombs or steamers just to get the heady aromatherapy of those luscious fragrance oils or essential oil blends.

Now, I need to sell some of these aromatic treats! That’s the hard part – the marketing.

If you see me out there with a couple of cases of soap samples, honk and wave!

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