What’s Natural?

I’ve had many customers and prospective customers ask if my products are “all natural.” My response is, “As natural as I can make them!” There is no legal definition for “natural,” even though most of us would believe that naturally occurring without human intervention would be a decent interpretation. I do prefer my ingredients to be virgin, organic, unrefined, except that there are reasons for me to use a refined and deodorized shea butter. The big reason for that is

Getting Re-Motivated…

If I let myself get too distracted by all that I think I need to do, I sometimes talk myself out of getting started. You know, “If I can’t get this task finished today, why even start. I’ll try again tomorrow.” I suppose the most difficult thing about being self-employed is staying motivated or disciplined about time management. I’ve just come off of a lovely weekend where I met with other soapers and bath and body product creators, and it

Hangin’ in there…

Every time I looked at my website, which wasn’t very often, I was dissatisfied with the overall appearance of just about everything. I didn’t like the photos I had taken. The professionally produced photos were awesome, but I had refined so much of my product line that I had been updating with phone photos. Not all of them are bad, but nearly all of them were hastily shot, not much staging at all. And I couldn’t put my finger on

Well, this is new!

Well, life is quite exciting right now in our family! I have two daughters, both engaged and planning to be married within six months of each other! That is very exciting! While my role is mother-of-the-bride, it also has taken other forms, as well. I have been asked, and have readily accepted, the task of creating the guest favors and the wedding party gifts. This is very exciting for me, as I love a challenge and now I get to


I was speaking to The Good-Looking Guy the other day, telling him that when I was young (in my teens and early 20s), I could do a backbend; I could bend over backward and place my hands on the ground, with my feet still in place. Well, it’s been so long since I attempted anything of that sort that I would certainly injure myself if I tried that now. It seems that every day there’s a new hitch in my

New things…

We have some new things happening in our world: A daughter getting engaged, a son and daughter-in-law giving us another grandchild. Exciting things to come in 2019. And we’re not even half-way through 2018! While my husband continues to build his business, I am still attempting to get some traction with mine. In creating this website and product catalog, I realized that I make a LOT of different soap. Nearly THREE DOZEN different scents! And while I adore making bar

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